Unlocking Your Career Path Using Personality Tests with Molly Owens, CEO and Founder of Truity

March 3, 2021

Ever heard of the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs personality assessments?

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If you’ve ever heard of the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs personality assessments, or just love learning and discovering new things about yourself, this episode is for you. Molly Owen’s career path went from a self-proclaimed aimless circle to becoming CEO and founder of one of the most scientifically-sound personality test companies, Truity

With a passion for people, psychology, and problem-solving, Molly’s mission is to make personality tests that are reliable, affordable, and accurate. In this episode, you’ll learn how these fascinating assessments can offer you unique insights for your career path.

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Taking the Myers Briggs assessment can help you navigate your career path.

The key to finding a career that’s best suited for you comes from knowing yourself really well, and the Myers Briggs personality assessment is one of the most popular assessments you can take. Probably most famously known for identifying introverts vs extroverts, it can also help you navigate your job search!

Fun fact: I’m an ESTP.*

Molly says if you’re aware of your personality characteristics, it can set you up for success and also shed light on what parts of the process may be more of a struggle. For example, if you’re more introverted, the networking side of job hunting may feel overwhelming, whereas if you’re someone who is extroverted, you’ll thrive off of going to large-scale networking events or scheduling virtual coffee with a bunch of people. But don’t worry if you identify as more of an introvert. Introverts have tendencies to develop really deep, meaningful relationships, which can go a long way.

Are you more process-oriented or do you prefer to go with the flow? Some of us may be more prone to taking a less structured approach to job seeking, while others are going to have a fancy, color coded spreadsheet alongside concrete goals and deadlines they want to achieve.

How the Enneagram assessment can be effective.

If you want to take an even deeper dive into your soul and build more self-awareness, I strongly encourage you to explore the Enneagram assessment. Molly’s sense is that there isn’t a correlation between career paths and Enneagram results, but where it can get interesting is how it can shed light on personal issues that could be holding you back in your career and in your life.

Molly’s friend is a Type 9 (The Peacemaker), and often struggled with putting herself first at work. She’d often succumb to others’ demands and requests. 

In my role as a career coach, I work with a lot of Type 1s (The Perfectionist), who crave meaningful direction and have high standards for themselves. A worst nightmare scenario for a Type 1 would be working for a company that’s too fast-paced, with limited rules and very little structure. Staying in a job like this could eventually lead to them feeling stretched thin, or even burning out.

If you feel like you’re continuously falling into a rut at work, feel pigeon-holed as a particular type of person, or find yourself in the same types of relationship struggles over and over again, there could be some secrets to unlock that are a reflection of your Enneagram type.

There are so many different personality assessments on Truity’s website and it’s inspiring to see how Molly has channeled her energy into building this business that helps others learn who they are in such an affordable and accessible way. I encourage you to take a look at Truity’s website to see what it has to offer. Take a test or two, and let me know what results you get!


“Introverts can be just as good at networking as extroverts. Where an extrovert might go to a big networking event or conference and meet a million people, an introvert is more likely to develop deep connections that are really meaningful.”

*After this episode, Sarina retook the Typefinder Personality Test and is now an ENTP.

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