You could say I know a thing or two about pivoting, spotting opportunities from afar and making things happen.

read on to learn about how i got here

Twelve years ago I was a human rights activist, traveling the world to advocate for change. I went to places like India and Congo, working on campaigns and building on-the-ground partner coalitions. I loved it so much that I even went on to get a Master of International Affairs degree at Columbia, with the idea that I’d start my own human rights organization. However, being in New York at the epicenter of commerce and an emerging tech scene, my interest started to pique in a new area.

So what did I do after I graduated?

Well first I went to Argentina because… why not? And, I also happened to have a cool consulting opportunity with the City of Buenos Aires. After I lived in Buenos Aires for a hot second, I came back stateside and decided to change my tune, pivoting into the tech industry becoming one of the early team members at Postmates. 

This didn’t happen easily, though. Even with my new Ivy League education in tow, I had 0 business experience and had to hustle my way into the tech industry. And, I had no idea what half the job titles meant. I just applied. And, applied. And, applied. I probably applied to 50-60 jobs a week, met 5-10 people for coffees per week, offered to do free projects, the works. When I wasn’t applying and meeting with people, I spent hours scouring the internet to educate myself about the industry. The hard work paid off and I ended up with a few offers, the Postmates role being one of them.

At Postmates, I had an awesome opportunity to build the company from the ground-up in its first markets. I spent the next year launching Postmates in Seattle, New York and D.C. before I decided to pivot once again, taking a risk to start my own handbag company and lead growth operations for another on-demand startup called Glamsquad. 

About a year into my role at Glamsquad, Postmates re-appeared and I re-joined to lead retail partnerships, spearheading collaborations with some of the hottest brands redefining commerce: Glossier, Warby Parker, Outdoor Voices, and more. After leading first-of-kind marketing partnerships, I pivoted within the company to oversee and launch brand new categories within the app, including its grocery and alcohol verticals. With startup experience and a few more years at Postmates under my belt, I then went on to lead global partnership marketing for the App Store at Apple. 

Ok, I think you get the point now. I’ve done A LOT. And, because I’ve done a lot, I’ve learned a lot (while also making my fair share of mistakes along the way)! Having worked with a range of personalities and different companies, navigating through vague job titles and uncertainty, and constantly having to figure things out on my own, I get what it takes to build the career you want. Building the career you want might mean switching industries, companies, roles, or going full force as an entrepreneur. Whatever it might be, I’m here to share all that I know and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


Being candid and direct, making things happen, constant learning, and coffee. A sense of humor is always a plus.  


Lateness (it’s never a good look!), excuses, capers. Yes, I said capers. 

I Love To:

Travel (pre-pandemic), listen to podcasts, and motivate my clients to push themselves out of their comfort zones to succeed. 

what keeps me productive:

Sleep, taking the time to build clear and actionable goals to work toward, and setting boundaries.

Daily Habits:

Waking up early, enjoying a long breakfast, reading a few pages before bed. Hate to break it to you, but I don’t journal. 

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Favorite Business Books:

Atomic Habits, Crazy is a Compliment, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Sell It Like Serhant (I love a good story about resilience and how to sell!).