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career memos

Introducing the Career Memos Podcast

December 3, 2020

Your weekly dose of direct, no-nonsense career advice from industry experts and yours truly.

On Taking Risks
5 Signs It’s Time to Leave
How to Avoid Standing Out in a Bad Way
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I'm Sarina.

I equip Gen Z and Millenials with the career tools they need to succeed.

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When you know you need to stay organized when it comes to networking and your job search, but haven’t been doing it, here’s a pre-populated template to get you started. 


This has been over a decade in the making. 

Between career pivots, helping to build businesses, having successes, failures, and everything in between, I am so excited to share all that I’ve learned with you and bring you incredible guests from companies like hims & hers, Native, OATLY, Sun & Swell Foods, and more in my brand new podcast, Career Memos. 

Career Memos is designed for job seekers, solopreneurs, and those who are ready to uplevel their careers. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Role & Industry Knowledge
Have you ever read through a job description and thought to yourself, “what does this mean?” Yep, you’re not the only one. In Career Memos, you’ll learn from senior-level professionals across industries to help decrypt what job titles actually mean and how their industries are evolving. And, I’ll even share my learnings from having taken on roles from operations all the way to partner marketing.

Career Tips and Strategies
From interviewing to negotiating, to starting a side hustle while working a demanding job, to finally launching that solo biz, you’ll get tangible tips and proven strategies to help you achieve your goals. 

Plus Some Inspiration
You can get the memo all you want, but sometimes you need a small dose of inspiration to motivate you to take the next step. So, you’ll get that here too.

So, take a listen. Career Memos is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Hit subscribe and let me know what you think!

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Over the last 12+ years, I’ve done everything from work as a global human rights activist to lead marketing & partnerships initiatives at companies like Postmates and Apple. I’ve started businesses, lived in multiple cities around the world, pivoted careers more than once, and know what it takes to turn career goals into a reality. As a career coach & consultant, I’m passionate about sharing all that I’ve learned with you, helping you define tangible goals, and providing you with the tools and direct feedback you need to achieve them.

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